V1.1, planned for end of May 2012:
  • Implement send expenses by email.
  • Implement send expenses by text/sms.
  • Implement send expenses by gtalk.
  • Implement recurring expenses.
  • Implement export to excel, export to csv, export to pdf.
  • Implement tag grouping in reporting and budgeting.
V1.0, released 2nd of May 2012:
  • Implement some basic budgeting.
  • Implement add-some-money to have both expenses (-money) and cash (+money) monitoring, not just expenses.
V0.95, released on April 8, 2012:
  • Implemented some basic reporting.
  • Added localization in German, Chinese, French.
  • Fixed few bugs.
V0.9, released on March 24, 2012:
  • Finally implemented "learn more".
  • Implemented add spenders/people.
  • Implemented import from file.
Feb 28, 2012 - First release is published
After spending just 5 days (but working days and nights) V0.5b goes live, including the following functionalities:
  • Login with Google, using OAuth2.0 server-side
  • Login with Facebook, using Facebook Javascript SDK (including fix of this FB bug)
  • Localization using a new idea from mine server-side and some old Javascript mingling on the client.
  • Translations in English and Italian.
  • Expenses list using with Ajax source, with pagination, sorting and full-text search.
  • Form to add expenses with data validation client side and server-side (to prevent malicious users from trying to hack the database forging Ajax calls).
  • Trash and edit of expenses.
  • This roadmap.
  • Privacy + Terms and conditions.
Feb 23, 2012 - I feel like doing some web development
After discovering bootstrap.js I felt inspired for some fun and I took four days leave from my not-so-much-inspiring-any-more (but well payed) consulting work to develop an idea I had few weeks earlier,